Around the World at the Highlanders Museum

For a third year running we participated in Festival of Museums. Museums across Scotland participate in this annual festival which takes place in mid May and aims to provide a range of exciting and innovative events across the country. This is a great opportunity for the Museum to hold events that will appeal to a variety of new audiences. Each year we have tried to do something different and interesting. In 2014 we had a storytelling and craft event for children. Last year we hosted the Cranston Fiddle and on 13 May this year we hosted an event called “Around the World at the Highlanders Museum”.

This was probably our most innovative event and was very interesting for our education and outreach officer who planned it. The aim of the event was to provide a tour of the Museum which focussed on the many different world cultures which the Highland regiments experienced throughout the last few hundred years. In each gallery we focussed on a different country and guests experienced world cultures through live music by local duo Accordion Too, wine tasting and live poetry readings.  We also had some object handling stations around the museum and our tour guides provided a very informative script. At the end of the tour guests were invited for refreshments and small eats on the top floor of the Museum. One of our volunteers, Katherine Bigmore, had been busy preparing an array of foody delights which linked to the cultures we had explored on the tour.

On the night we had 22 guests, all of whom really enjoyed the evening – learning something new and experiencing our Regiment’s history from a new perspective. Many of our guests hadn’t visited the Museums since our refurbishment in 2013 so it was great to see some new faces. We hope that by being part of Festival of Museums and holding events that are educational and interesting that we will be able to break down the false perceptions that museums are boring and stuffy. We also hope to show that military museums are not just for soldiers but there is something here that everyone will find of interest.

We will soon start planning our events for the next year and we hope to see you all at them!

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