New Books

Scotland and the Great WarWhen i heard the BellThe Invisible Cross

New Books – These are just some of the new books we have received in the last few weeks. Our wide selection of books cover a wide range of interests.  To find out more about these and other books we have go onto our online shop. There is also a great selection of children’s books.

We have been busy during the last couple of months as our shop has been relocated and has had a refurbishment. We have had the joiners, electricians and painters in doing a fantastic job as the end results are just brilliant.

There is also a coffee / tea / hot chocolate machine. We also have chilled drinks and a selection of sweets. You can carryout your drink and enjoy the sunny weather or sit in and watch the short film.

CONBAT – Also relocated is the CONBAT (Conversion Battalion Anti – Tank) which is 120mm Recoiless Gun and is 1750lbs in weight. The Max effective range is 1950 metres and operated by a crew of 3. The Conbat was in service from 1954 – 1986. The Conbat can be seen in front of the Museum.


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