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The Highlanders’ Museum has a large collection of books relating specifically to the Seaforth and Cameron Highlanders, to military conflicts in which the Highlanders have played a key part and more generally to Scottish military history.

What regiments do you cover?
The Highlanders’ Museum (Queen’s Own Highlanders Collection) archive covers the  The Highlanders (4 SCOTS), Seaforth Highlanders, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, Queen’s Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Cameron’s), Lovat Scouts, Liverpool Scottish, and our overseas allied regiments from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and 7th (DOE) Gurkha Rifles.

What can I expect to find in the archive?
The museum holds standard reference texts such as Army Lists from 1761 which give details of members of the Army and the rank and position they held at the point of publication. Unfortunately the Seaforth’s did not keep great records which can make it more difficult to find information. We hold the war diaries for the majority of Seaforth Battalions in both the First and Second World War, and the Cabar Feidh (the regimental magazine) which was published 1921-1936, 1947-1961 and Officer’s biographies. For the Camerons we hold selected war diaries , the 79th News (regimental magazine) 1891-1961, the Official Historical Records, and Officers biographies. We have a very limited amount of information regarding the Lovat Scouts; this is best viewed by coming to visit the museum as opposed to submitting a research enquiry.

The museum also holds private notebooks, letters and diaries; scrap books and collections of ephemera such as boarding cards, permission slips and passes relating to all the regiments we deal with. These have generally been donated by the soldier himself or members of his family.

I am looking for my relative’s service record, can I get a copy from The Highlanders Museum?
Regimental museums do not hold service records. To find out where you can access these, please click here.

Will I be able to find a photograph of the soldier I’m researching?
Whilst we do have a large photographic archive here at the museum, the majority of these photographs are anonymous which makes it almost impossible to find someone based on name or service number alone.

How do I submit an enquiry?
All research enquires must be made in writing, either by email or letter.
If you would like to submit an email enquiry then please use the link “Research Enquiry” that can be found at the bottom of this page.

How long does it take to get a reply?
The usual time scale for completion of enquires is about 8 weeks.  Please bear in mind that all work is undertaken by part time volunteer researchers.

researchCan I visit the archive?
Enquirers are welcome to make an appointment with the museum to come and consult the archive.  Please telephone:  0131 310 8703 or email:

Fees for archival and historical research
All archive work is subject to a fee which is payable irrespective of whether or not the research is fruitful. Fees allow the museum to pay for the continued care and upkeep of the collections.

The current levels of charge are:

  • Guided access to Archives: £30 per day
  • Provision of information to satisfy an external enquiry and research by Archivist: Basic fee of £20.00 is charged at point of receiving enquiry. If we find a great deal of material and information regarding your enquiry, advance level research is undertaken on an incremental scale thereafter.  We will contact you in advance after the initial fee is processed with how much the total cost will be.
  • A4 photocopy £0.50
  • A3 photocopy £0.60
  • Scan for Email or CDs are charged at £2 per scan.
  • Material written to CD: £15.00 plus current costs for P&P
  • Reproduction/Publication Fees: Prices on application in writing


Payments can be made by Paypal, cheque or credit card. Any work over the initial  £20 will be subject to prior notification and agreement by the client commissioning the work. All copying is subject to the copyright status of the original. Copies are supplied for personal and research use purposes only.


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