The 79th News

The 79th News was published every three months with this copy dated January 1935.


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Like all magazines it contains news about the Regiment, adverts as well as letters to the editor. The below letter was dated 4th December, 1934 giving an address in Inverness, it reads:


On the 5th November 1934, the Daily Mail published a report that I had seen the Loch Ness “monster”, and since then I have received numerous letters inquiring whether the report is true and asking for details. I have even been sent, by the author of words, a complimentary copy of a song called “The Loch Ness Monster.” As the nature of the “monster”, and even the question of its very existence, are the subject of so much speculation, it may be of interest if I set down, as simply as I can, the circumstances in which I saw the “monster,” for on two occasions I have without doubt seen a mysterious creature in the loch.

On the 30th September four of us were motoring down the west side of the loch from Inverness – my husband and myself, our daughter aged 8 and a friend. When we were within about a mile of Drumnadrochit my friend pointed to the loch and exclaimed, “Look! what’s that?” I saw what seemed like a black hump standing out of the water about half a mile away. My husband, who was driving, stopped the car, and a minute or two later we saw a long black-looking object appear among the waves for a few seconds. This time it was nearer Drumnadrochit. The loch was fairly rough with a good many white horses, and the object was visible for so short a time that it was difficult to pick it up unless one happened to be looking at exactly the right spot. My daughter cannot be certain whether she saw it or not. My husband, who was watching the road when we got the first glimpse of it, did not see it at all.

Four or five days later I was driving by myself down the east side of the loch towards Foyers. This time the loch was quite calm. About a mile or so beyond Urquhart Castle, which is on the other side of the loch, the road rises a considerable height above the level of the water and the view of the loch is unobscured by trees. On reaching this point I noticed further down the loch, and about half way across, what looked like the trunk of a large tree. It was moving up the loch towards Inverness at a fairly rapid pace and making a distinct wash. I got out of the car and watched the creature for about a couple of minutes. When it came about opposite to where I was standing it turned towards Urquhart Castle, and as it turned I saw what I took to be its tail come out of the water. Had I seen the same thing in the sea I should have said that I had seen a whale. Yours ….

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